Saturday night with bevy

This week’s show includes (as well as a huge dose of mayhem, madness and bevy):
the battle of the decades goes to 1972 and 1982 – the vote will be between two songs from each year and from the top tens of this day back then – but who will win?
double dose higher and lower in the 70s continues with the highest and lowest new entries from the uk charts on 15th and 22nd October 1972.
the featured album comes from the brothers Johnson and their debut release from 1976 look out for number one.
we’ll go stateside at 8.15 and 9.15 with two tracks that made it in the us but didn’t quite do the same here in the uk – from our featured years 1972 and 1982.
Ah yes, requests are more than welcome – not for bevy to calm down but for your mid to late 60s, all 70s and early to mid 80s choices – tweet @BevyOnAir or email

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