Saturday night with bevy 24 August – party time

it’s aprty time all the way on Saturday evening
from 7 pm, it’s Saturday night with bevy – 3 hours of great music and features from the mid to late 60s, whole of the 70s and early to mid 80s.
from 8 pm, its party night as it’s a bank holiday weekend and they’re meant for partying.
Most of the features take a rest this week apart from the battle of the decades. 1967 and 1977 face up against each other in a tussle to see who wins the crown of the the most popular tune of the week. 2 from the top 10 of this week in 1967 and from the chart in 1977 will compete for the listeners vote.
After 8 it’s a party and am looking for your party tunes – tweet or email.

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