Saturday night with bevy – 14 september

this weeks show includes the following:
battle of the decade is between 1973 and 1983 – two songs from the top 10 of each chart from this day back then. Your votes are needed to see which song wins the battle of the decades and is played as the last song of this weeks show.
The featured album is from Fleetwood mac and their 1974 release ‘heroes are hard to find’
We’ll have two stateside tracks from 1973 and 1983 – ones that were big in the states but little in the UK.
Higher and lower in the 70s comes from the end of November and beginning of December 1972.
Your requests are more than welcome from the mid to late 60s, whole of the 70s and early to mid 80s – tweet @BevyOnAir email

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