Stewart Ross (The Ross Meister)

Stewart Ross (The Ross Meister)

Hi its The Ross Meister here.

I have been presenting on radio stations since 1984. I grew up listening to landbased and offshore pirate radio stations like Radio Caroline North Sea, and Mi Amigo. My music taste was and still is influenced by listening to those stations.

I love anything from dance to rock, pop, clasic jazz, funk and soul. Groups like Barclay James Harvest, America, Poco, Neil Young, The Eagles, Focus, Rush, and Pink Floyd.

Also love the 70’s and 80’s, and rite up to the present day radio.

Music is the love of my life.

So, hope that gives u an idea of the sort of music that I will be playing and I will be delving in to my anorak archive of radio goodies, As I have loads of airchecks and collect them. I also collect radio and tv themes and jingles.

I live in north london in Ross Towers. I love to go out to pubs, for meals with friends and just living life to the full.

Love watching tv shows, like Only Fooles, The Royle Family, loads of dramas and anything to do with crime.

Thats me!

I look forward to interacting with you


Contacting Me

You can contact me in two ways:


  • or Text me at: +44 (0) 7793 319 558

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