The Dispatch with Adam Jenson

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The Dispatch

Monday 10 pm UK, Friday 6 pm UK

The Dispatch began in 2006 as a college radio program out of universities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and, later, Trinity College Dublin.

There is but one criterion required for a song to appear on the show: “be good”. Predominately rock-centric, the musical style will sometimes meander into folk, punk, hardcore, metal, electronic, hip-hop or songs that feature a blend of these categories of music. Again, if it’s good, it can possibly be heard on the show!

Over the two hours your loyal host, Me, Adam, aspires to make the show have a rhythm of its own, possibly changing in mood, tempo or shifting gears to create a pattern designed to be evocotave and listenable as a whole; eclectic without being jarring.

Another main goal of the show is for listeners to discover their newest favorite music. To that end, requests are also always very welcome.

The music you listen to now is the soundtrack of your life. Tune in and have your playlist updated!

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