Straight Up The 70s with Ian Beverley

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Straight up the 70’s

Saturday 7:00 pm UK, Tuesday 3:00 pm UK

Music, for me, is a huge voyage of discovery. Whether it jogs a memory or creates one or two, the joy of listening to a variety of tracks is wonderful.

This is something that I’d love to share with you through Straight up the 70’s.

Saturday nights are meant for music and it’s great to share this together.

It’s good to stray away from the norm from time to time and this is what I do by playing tracks from a decade where the music was so diverse and different. The 70’s was a decade where the album came to the fore and the riches of the unknown and undiscovered are there to be heard. From classic and folk rock to soul and from pop to punk, we’ll span the genres on Straight up the 70’s.

Features include playing tracks from albums that were highly influential at this time of year during the 70’s. The three of a kind slot takes a featured artist and highlights three tracks that help to discover work from the popular to the unknown. In addition, test your memory and knowledge with the first in last out feature which plays the first track of an artist of the decade and then asks ‘what was their last out’ of the 70’s.

Most of all, your requests are more than welcome and please feel free to get in touch. Additionally, please feel free to suggest artists for the three of a kind slot and also to highlight influential and important albums from this time.

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