Songs From The Attic with Janet Tuggey and DJ Frabs

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Songs From The Attic

Monday: 7:00 pm UK, Wednesday 2:00 pm UK

During the mid sixties in the United States, FM radio launched the AOR (Album Oriented Radio) format. This new format opened the door for a looser more freeform presentation of the music, focusing more on longer album cuts and less on hit singles. Artists like Genesis, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Traffic, The Eagles and Moody Blues got air play they wouldn’t have gotten on top 40 stations.

In the seventies and eighties, the AOR format evolved into arena rock with bands like Foreigner, Rush, Triumph, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Metallica and Scorpions. This show focuses on the Classic Rock era, from the mid sixties to the mid nineties, covering it all, from folkrock to progressiverock and Hair to Grunge, with some alternative gems thrown in for good measure. Songs From The Attic are all those forgotten classics plus maybe some undiscovered tresures.

Janet and DJ love the music and love talking about it.

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