Janet Tuggey

Janet Tuggey

Hello all!

I’m Janet and I live in Folkeston with Kinsey, my guide dog.

Have always loved music and radio but have only been a radio presenter for 3 years. Have worked on several internet radio stations including Mint FM, Treehouse Radio and Sky 106, doing mainly rock and chart shows with my best mate DJ Frabs.

I have a pretty wide taste in music, but my biggest love is rock and metal (but not growly, shouty death metal!)

I’m also an avid reader, I like most genres except slushy romance.

I also enjoy films and a little TV, cooking, particularly cake making, messing about with technology, even though it does my head in at times and sharing a good giggle with good friends (some might say I have a warped sense of humour!)

OK, enough rambling. I’m off to fight with the dog.


Contacting Me

  • To contact me tweet @Tuglets

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