Down The Up Side

Down The Up Side

Hosted by: Janet Tuggy & DJ Frabs
Airing Live Thursday 4pm UK 11am EST with a replay Sunday 1pm UK 8am EST

Down The Up Side combines music and comedy with the story telling of Janet and DJ to help while away a Thursday afternoon.
Weather you’re traveling home from work or putting together the evenings repast, the time will fly by with Down The Up Side on your listening device.


1st, Showdown hasn’t gone away completely. Rather than battling over a top ten chart, the competition is scaled down to a top five contest.
For an added twist, the year and the section of chart to be used will be picked totally at random. Ultimately this will expand the variety of tunage.
As usual, you all will be invited to vote on who has the better chart. Him or her?

2nd As part of a rotating feature, Janet and DJ will invite you all to “Go Figure”. Three songs with a common theme or thread. It could be anything from something topical or the thread could be about the music
or the lyrics or the number of words in the title. It could be anything, anything at all.

Also as part of the rotating feature, On those times when ever a major artist has a birthday or, has an album anniversary on show day,
they’ll feature three tracks to mark the occasion

Other bits will be added to the rotation as they get thought of. 🙂

Finally in the third hour, Janet & DJ will get all punked up and spin a triple play of classic punk and new wave.
From the 70’s and 80’s.

All this plus your requests and Chickenman. Now, that’s a fun three hours.

To contact the show or to make requests, tweet @Tugglets or @DJ_Frabs

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