DJ Frabs

DJ Frabs

Raised on Rock, with the rhythm in his soul. DJ has been an internet broadcaster since 2011, and has worked on terestrial and satelite radio through the 80’s and 90’s. He’s also a multi instrumentalist and holds several Grammies for his kazoo work with Michael Jackson, Cliff Richard, Elton Jon and Thunderclap Newman…. But above all, he loves telling gooffy stories, spinning good tunes and being entertaining on the radio. :)… He hopes.

DJ has a harmless, but time consuming obsession with pumpkins and believes them to be alians from the planet Pumpkeenia. “They’re harmeless.” He says. “But it’s best to stay on their good side… You never know.” All in all, it’s best to indulge him for the rare moments it rises during day to day activities.

You can hear this oddball and his keeper, Janet, every Monday 7:00 PM UK time for Songs From The Attic. Thursday’s 4:00 PM UK for Down The Up Side.


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