Craig Hicks

Craig Hicks Bio

Hi there and welcome to my page.

I am craig, a slightly grumpy 42 year old radio presenter who lives just outside Southampton.

I have had the brilliant luck to have been able to work in the radio industry for about 21 years, starting with student stations back in the 90’s, getting my first proper gig in 1996.

Since then I haven’t looked back, doing everything from breakfast shows, rigging outside broadcasts and even being the on air audio brand producer for a radio station.

In Recent years, I decided to put my skills to other uses, and now run my very own mobile disco company, which has totally revitalised my love for new and different styles of music.

My personal life is just as hectic, with my lovely wife mel, and 2 children, 7 year old Ewan and Jessica who is almost 2.

When I am not on air or gigging, i love football and despite everything love arsenal, massive cricket fan, and keeper of a small but happy tank of fish, oh who keep having baby’s!


Contacting Me

If you want to get in touch, then you can either email me at:

    • Follow me on Twitter and tweet @craig_hicks


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