Straight up the 70s – solo beatles chart special – saturday 15 June

It’s here – the votes have been counted and the chart is ready
at 7 pm on Saturday – I’ll reveal the top 40 solo beatles tracks of the 70s as voted by the listeners. How many tracks will john, paul, George and ringo have each in the charts – what will be the top 20 and indeed what will be number one.
All the usual features are being paused for one week whilst the show is handed over to this count down
a chart not to be missed πŸ™‚

Straight up the 70s 1 June 2019

ah Saturdays were meant for music and from 7 pm this Saturday that’ll be 70s music πŸ™‚
This week – apart from the usual mayhem, there will be:
1976 featured in three of a kind – playing a non famous, semi famous and then asking you the listener to vote for one of 3 famous tracks from the UK top 10 of this day back in 76.
The featured album is the Electric light Orchestra’s 1975 release ‘face the music’ – i’ll be playing three tracks from the album – plus giving information on its production and release.
We’ll have two more songs from our 70s stateside feature – this week from the billboard chart of this time back in 1976. The tunes will definitely be familiar.
Higher and lower in the 70s features the highest and lowest new entries from the charts of march 26th and april 2nd 1972.
Oh yes and plenty of room for ya 70s requests – whetehr it be classic rock, soul, Motown, punk, funk and yep junk – tweet @BevyOnAir or email for your 70s fix
not forgetting the 70s featured artists chart – just one week to get your solo betales top 10’s of the 70s in to me. Plenty of room for yours and am definitely looking for many more – please select your favourite tunes from either all four, three, two or just one of the ex beatles and email them to πŸ™‚

Straight up the 70s 25 May

It’s back to some kind of normality with this madcap Saturday experience 😊

All the usual features plus requests and more

3 of a kind comes from the uk top 40 of this day back in 1973 – playing a non and emi famous track plus the listeners vote for the famous one.

The featured album is the 1976 release from the steve miller band – fly like an eagle.

Higher and lower in the 70s comes from the 12th and 19th of March 1972.

There will be a couple of 70s stateside tracks plus lot of opportunities to request your favourite 70s tunes.

Oh yes and many reminders about the featured artist chart – I’m after your top 10 solo beatle tracks of the 70s – please email them to me by 8th June –

The chart show – 24 may

This week Bevy is sitting in for mark and he’ll take you back to the UK chart of this day back in 1969

In addition, he’ll count down the US top 20 of the same day and play tracks from this chart.

There will be a bubbling under number and also a number one from the Australian chart plus a track from the number one album.

The show is on from 7 PM (UK) time with the replay on Sunday from 4 PM.